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Women's Restoration

The percentage of homeless women in New Orleans has increased by 66 percent since 2012. The New Orleans Mission is addressing this statistic to positively impact homelessness in New Orleans.

“These women are the most vulnerable of our homeless population,” said David Bottner, executive director for the New Orleans Mission. “Of the homeless women in New Orleans, 92 percent have been abused sexually or physically. The problem is deeper than meets the eye, and it is our duty to help them. 

The Discipleship program offers people a safe drug and alcohol-free environment where they can focus on their recovery and how they use everyday choices to take charge of their health and well-being. A good mind-set ultimately leads to forgiveness and a healed heart. Hope is instilled daily as we provide a source of dignity and purpose for everyone on our program. Based on results and large graduating classes, we know these women can rebuild what they may feel is the tattered remnants of their self-worth and be able to fulfill God’s purpose for their life. We’re seeing it happen to so many of our graduates.

We have been aggressively reaching out to donors in support of the Women’s Expansion to the North shore and received an awesome blessing from a donor who offered us several modular units that could transform into the women’s living quarters on the North shore. Our initial plan was to construct a 50-100 room Women’s Pavilion; however, we recently modified the living quarters for our Women’s Discipleship Program to be more like the lodges the men live in at the Giving Hope Retreat. Several units will be put together to form cottages, which will be more cost-effective than the construction of the Pavilion.

It’s amazing watching God unfold His plan to us. Just a month ago, a fellow church member contacted David and told him he just sold his business worth millions of dollars and wanted to use this blessing to help others. After David shared his vision for the Women’s Expansion to the North shore, he was all in. Long story short, he found a property for sale that he thought would be perfect; but the asking price was more than he was willing to spend. David went to see the property and after talking to the “seller,” the owner of the property chose to donate the additional $390,000 of the selling price to the Mission. We are very excited to show you some pictures of this beautiful 18-acre property that was formerly known as the Lyn Haven Manor, soon to be named the Lynhaven Retreat.