Cards of Hope®

We all want to help those in need, but we are not always sure if the money we give hurting folks on the street is actually helping them, or enabling them to continue in an addiction or other deadly behavior.  With Cards of Hope, you have the assurance of knowing that if someone on the street is sincere in asking you for help, they can and will receive that help, and it may very well save their life.

Unfortunately, there are many people on the streets that refuse the extensive help and services that are available at the New Orleans Mission.  These are the people that hold the signs that use the money our citizens give them to continue in addiction and other dangerous behavior.  We may not be able to stop them completely, but when you choose to use Cards of Hope, you can make sure that your money is invested in actually helping hurting folks, and not promoting deadly activities.

If you are a business, you can participate now by displaying our table tent promo cards in your establishment, which offer your customers the opportunity to make a contribution and receive the "Cards of Hope". You can purchase the cards online now by making a contribution HERE. You can also help by telling your friends about this wonderful program that gives hope to people in need, with the peace of mind in knowing you are not enabling addiction and other dangerous behavior. We will be periodically updating our website with photos taken of the folks that redeem the "Cards of Hope".

How does it work?

Visit a partnering business and look for the table tent card in the picture above. Complete your mobile friendly online donation for the amount of cards you would like.  Show your server at that location your phone receipt, and receive your cards on the spot!  If YOU would like to contribute to this cause from home, or out of town, click HERE and donate now.

We ask that you make a minimum contribution of $10.

$10 = 10 Days of Hope (10 Cards)

$50 = 50 Days of Hope (50 Cards)

$75 = 75 Days of Hope (75 Cards)

$100 = 100 Days of Hope (100 Cards)

I have the cards, now what?

When you see a person in need, give them one of the "Cards of Hope". Upon receiving the card, they can stop by the New Orleans Mission and redeem the card for 1 days of Food, Clothing, & Shelter.

I want to contribute but live out of town.

We will be happy to deliver the cards to people in need in your behalf.  Periodically we will be snapping photos of people we distribute the cards to. So, check back on the website to see who is benefiting from your generosity.

I want to partner with this program at my business.

If you own a food service business or know someone who owns one that is interested in partnering with the New Orleans Mission’s “Cards of Hope” program, contact Kirk LaGrange Click Here. We will make arrangements for you to receive the in store setup package of tent cards and "Cards of Hope".

P.S. If you live locally and you would rather us hand the "Cards of Hope" out for you, we would be honored to do so.